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Years ago, in 2014, I bought some wool from a friend of mine (who loves knitting) coz I loved the colours and the texture. I often pick up things or buy things not knowing what I'd create from them, but for the sheer love of aesthetics!

Earlier this year, I had this sudden urge to create something with the wool that was just lying unused and ignored! And so I message my friend Adele, the knitter, for some guidance on how and where to start. So there I was, with some pictures on how to get started and with a couple of embroidery rings.

I start watching some videos online, and more videos and then some more. After all that research, I start working on the small ring with some basic weaves. So much fun! I am hooked. There's no stopping! I go out and get more embroidery rings and at the end of working on 5 different ones, I decide to put them together as a wall hanging. I am amazed at how it turns out and, honestly isn't that difficult.

More than anything just the joy of creating it myself, with zero knowledge when I started, was refreshing! #weaving #DIY #play #wallhanging #yarn #round


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