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When I visited Mumbai last year, I went out in search of some interesting looking old utensils. I had something in mind. An artwork for the dining and kitchen area. I had found this reference of sieves, that you hang on the wall with a small showpiece inside each one.

I loved the concept of having a sieve in the dining and kitchen area - perhaps something to do with people/food too. I wanted a connection of some sorts on that wall. I honestly had no idea of what I wanted to do with it, but I still went out and bought a few of them.

A few months later, I get them out just to look at them from different angles before I start sketching some concepts. Days go by. Nothing. So one fine day soon after, I decide to take out everything that I have so far collected - wires, tapes, junk, wooden blocks, et cetera, to get inspired. It works! I start to put things into perspective and within no time, I have my artwork ready to paint first and then stitch up! Quite literally.

An amalgamation of different things that have no common ground, come together. So do you see it? Do you see the different faces?!


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