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2020. The year of lock-downs and working from home. But what happens when you have plans of buying a new desk to get rid of the old? What happens when all shops and not just that, the entire country is on hold? Do you change your plans to buy it later OR do you try to refurbish what you already have? Right!

The latter appealed. So the search began - how, what, when, how! Chalk paints to the rescue. I had never used them before and wasn't sure of the textures, how matt or glossy they would be or how they would dry out to look. But then again, if you don't try it, you'll never know. There was a lot of other fixing to do before I even started the paint job. I wanted to make the desk look a lot lighter. That meant I would need to take off parts of this assembled piece of furniture. Nervous at first, but taking off one screw at a time just made me more confident. Once I was happy with what I could do to the structure, it was time to sand it. I saw some videos online that said sanding makes the paint last longer. Check.

It was finally time to paint. The fun part! I painted the entire table with 3 coats and a transparent top coat, to make it more durable. Left it to dry for a day or so and it looked lovely! There were a few gaps from the lock that was removed from the drawer, that I fixed with a wine cork and a string of rope made from paper. The last finishing touches were done and now the desk was ready to be used!

From now on, my motto be - Old is the new New.


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